Stock code:832711



                        Zhejiang Dean Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 832711, formerly known as Hangzhou Dean Technology Co., Ltd.)

                        was established in 2001, is a focus on the development of food

                        Industrial chain security detection products and services, animal diseases, drugs and other rapid detection reagents

                        and immune detection platform development, biomedical products, cosmetics, customized services and

                        Cutting-edge scientific research set the integration of scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises.



                        After more than 10 years of concentrated management, the company established a kit, test strips, PCR and affinity 

                        chromatography column and other food safety rapid detection technology development platform and production plant in

                        food Security testing in a leading level. The company has a third-party testing platform, with a number of national 

                        certification testing qualification, to meet more than 600 parameters of the detection. this , Dean bio also with the

                        Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics to develop molecular motor technology platform, and the success of

                        the technology used in high-precision detection of product development, cancer

                         Disease-targeted drug research, vaccines and other biological products in the field of collaborative research, and high-end

                         cosmetics in the field of customized services, a great realization of the technology upgrade and product line expansion.



                        The company has nearly 2,000 square meters of research and development centers, nearly 6,000 square meters of production

                        base, and in accordance with the GMP standards of building nearly 1,000 square meters of 100,000 clean workshop, to ISO9001

                         Quality management system. At the same time also invested tens of millions of dollars to establish a food safety testing

                         technology platform, and through the relevant national certification. For the production, processing, circulation of enterprises

                         and the area of governance Government regulators to provide advanced detection technology, testing products and integrated solutions.