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Remember: those are really custom cards, so you can easily transform any free ecard in a free birthday card, for instance. Most of them are animated flash ecards too. Explore your creativity and enjoy funny Birthday cards!

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Happy birthday old man!

by Kiko Mello

Happy birthday old girl!

by Kiko Mello

Birthday Karaoke

by Clayton

Jungle Birthday

by victor lima

Guess Whatís Cooking?

by Clayton

Letís celebrate!

by victor lima

Make a Wish

by victor lima

Surprise Cake

by victor lima
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Curious or Funny Facts about funny Birthday :

There are traditions of surprise birthday parties. This sometimes causes people to feel ignored because it appears their birthday has been forgotten, when actually it has not been mentioned because a surprise party has been planned. Conversely, some people do not mention that nothing is planned for their birthday, because they expect a surprise party.

Adapted from Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia

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