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Remember: those are really custom cards, so you can easily transform any free ecard in a free birthday card, for instance. Most of them are animated flash ecards too. Explore your creativity and enjoy Fairies and Gnomes cards!

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Curious or Funny Facts about Fairies and Gnomes :

A fairy, faerie,fairie or faery, is a creature from stories and mythology. Faeries can obtain any form with a special ability called 'glamour' that can change or enhance the body's structure or to hide faery-like qualities from mortal eyes. This word is derived from the name of a place where they were said to live: Faerie, and fairies are sometimes called fairy-folk. The myth appears commonplace across many diverse cultures and traditions. They have many names and many forms.

A gnome is a mythical creature characterized by its small stature and subterranean lifestyle. According to Paracelsus, gnomes are the most important of the elemental spirits of the earth element, and they move as easily through the earth as humans walk upon it. The sun's rays turn them into stone. In other traditions, they are simply small, mischievous sprites or goblins. Some sources claim they spend the daytime as toads instead of in stone.

Adapted from Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia

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